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HayleyWorld: the life and times consultancy

I'm currently acting as an online facilitator for the Future of Work Hot Spots Movement, and online communications strategy and delivery consultancy to a high profile third sector client via Furner Communications, where I've been associate director since 2005. I am also an associate of if:book UK.

Email me if you'd like more info, to see my CV, or if you would like to discuss potential consultancy or collaboration.

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A new form of digital biography – a "zoeography" – for smartphones and tablets, enabling readers to find out about William Hayley and his world in a way that mimics getting to know him in real life.


1. It's the terrific story of an extraordinary man. Hayley …

  • saved William Blake from prison
  • was one of the most influential literary and artistic figures of his time: both through his own work, and through his contribution to others'
  • wrote a bestselling self-help book, in verse, advising young women on how to attract and keep a husband.
  • had two disastrous, yet intriguing, marriages
  • nearly died four times before his thirteenth birthday
  • home educated his only – illegitimate –  son and later supported him through a devastating and fatal illness
  • was a skilled amateur doctor with a practical interest in the relationship between madness and creativity
  • knew almost everybody worth knowing
  • turned down the poet laureateship for a combination of political and health reasons
  • spoke truth to power
  • outlived his critical and commercial success to become a laughing stock.

2. Reading a book may be an excellent way to get to know about someone, but it's not like getting to know them. But we have the technology to rebuild the whole biographical form so that it fits its content better than a book can…

3. It's interesting, challenging and fun. What's not to like?


Thanks to Michael Kowalski, the zoeography is being made in a custom-built platform, and is my PhD in Digital Writing by Practice project (at Bath Spa University: I'm due to submit in spring 2018).


William Hayley

Hayley's first wife, Eliza
on the back-burner

Radio Drama

A speculative script for a radio play based on the true story of an adoption that went tragically wrong.


A musical based (with Stephanie Smith) on the lives of German anarchist Rudolf Rocker and his son, the artist Fermin Rocker.

Hayley's first wife, Eliza

His first wife, Eliza

Hayley's first wife, Eliza
drawing of woman on chair writing,from behind, by Fermin Rocker
image of the spines of the 3 volume's of Hayley's essay on old maids
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image of the spines of the 3 volume's of Hayley's essay on old maids

Published anonymously, A Philosophical, Historical, and Moral Essay on Old Maids sold well, but lost Hayley the friendship of several high-profile single women.

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